Pleeeeeeze, Mommy! Kaylee is sooooooooo hungry!
Founder of The SitterUppers Club, Kaylee Johnson, of Western New York State.

Kaylee's SitterUppers Club is devoted to Basset Hounds who can sit up pretty.
WHOEVER said that Basset Hounds CANNOT sit up is WRONG-WRONG-WRONG!!  I have fwiends who can sit up just like me, and they are all Basset Hounds just like me!  If you can sit up, and you are a Basset Hound, send your picture and join KAYLEE'S SITTERUPPERS CLUB!!
We recently had to move our site over here and in the process, lost our previous Guest Book!!  So even if you've signed it before, please sign our new Guest Book on the last page and let us know what you think of our Club.  Your comments and/or suggestions will be much appreciated.  Thank you!

Our club started out on My Pets Pages, but their space was limited.  We soon had so many new members joining us that Mommy had to help me find a new place for our Club!  So we went to iVillage and found lots of space there.  Things were going great, we were adding new members all the time.  Then iVillage closed down their website hosting service and our Club was moved over here to Tripod.  After working out a few bugs, we are up and running again, and have space for lots and lots of new members!

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