Our Members - Page 7

Introducing my fwiend Smudgely Grace, otherwise
known as Smudgie. This gorgeous gal lives in Atlanta GA.

It's Charlie Brown! (We call him CB.) He lives
in Idaho. He lived in Washerton for a while wif Bob the DOg, where he probably learned to sit up!

I'd like y'all to meet pwetty Rosie, who has lots
of freckles! BeaverCreek, OH is where Rosie lives wif her fambly.

Meet Daisy, with the beautimous long hair! She's
a Nawth Carolina girl and has the sweetst suthern accent! Welcome, Daisy!

Jolie lives in Idaho wif CB and says there will
be more fambly for the Club membership soon. Welcome, Jolie!

Here's Droopy! He is my very handsome new friend
all the way from Jonestown PA. Welcome Droopy!! Hope you like it here!

This cutie is Tigger! He won Basset of the Week
recently. Please, Tigger's Mom & Dad, will you write in and tell us your name & where ya live?

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