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Bob the DOg Nali, shown first on this page, is the one who inspired me to start this Club.  I had seen his picture in the Daily Drool's Basset of the Week Contest, and right away I was smitten wif him!  Bob is also known as Inspector Bob, and he inspects all kinds of things.  Sometimes I get to assist him with some of his investigations.  Bob pointed out that we have an advantage cuz we can see things better sittin' up--like havin' better eyes to do our inspectin' wif!
Anyways, these pages contain pictures of all our members.  Enjoy, and be prepared to be amazed at all the SitterUppers there are among us Basset Hounds!


Here is my fwiend, my inspiration, my hero, and also my Forever Boyfwiend, Bob the DOg.  Bob is doing his best twick which has won him prizes in many "Best Twick" Contests.  He lives way across the country wif his fambly in Washerton State--a long, long ways fwom me (snf).  But who knows?  Maybe some day we can get together and do some sittin' up together among other things!  (Blush)  Ahem......Anyways, Bob has his pwetty Jassy living wif him, and once Bob and Jassy were married and had Ben, who also lives there wif them now.  Sounds like a very happy fambly!


King George E. Grunt is also my Forever Boyfwiend.  George and Bob are the very bestest fwiends ever (like brudders separated at birth), and they share everything!  (Heeheehee!)  George has a whole bunch of brudders and sisters to play wif at his house.  He lives way down in Texas by a lake.  I know, that's a long, long ways fwom here, too.  But guess what!!  I met my heartthrob Georgie in 2006 after he attended the Board Waddle!  His Mommy Kay and his Auntie Beffie stopped in to visit me on their way home, and they brought George and Annie!  We had such a nice visit, but it was much too short.  I sure hope to see them again some day.  (Sigh)


This adorable widdle girl, Pwincess Annie, is a very special fwiend who came to visit me wif George after the Board Waddle of 2006.  Their Mommies visited wif my Mommy and we all visited each other.  Imagine the fun--one of us fwom Texas, one fwom New York, and the other fwom Ohio!  Annie has a brudder Teddy at home in Ohio, and he lubs her very much.  Annie is just the sweetest and fwiendliest houndie I ever met.  I'm so pwoud she is my special fwiend and a member of my Club!


This handsome fella is my for-real brudder, my littermate.  See the fambly resemblance?  His name is Henry now, but we still call him Woodchuck.  I wonder if it is unusual to have two pups in one litter who both inherit the SitterUpper gene?  He lives way across the state fwom us in Albany, New York.  He has a really pwetty sister named Allie to play wif.  His Mommy Midge and my Mommy are good fwiends and they keep in touch and exchange pictures.  Woodchuck was the last of Daisy's puppies to leave the nest, except for me of course.  I still miss my brudder Woodchuck very much.

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