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As you have seen, there really ARE lots of us Basset Hounds who can sit up!  Both boys and girls can do it!  We have many advantages being able to sit up.  We can get a better view of what's on the counter, table, coffee table, over the fence, out the windows, etc.  And--WHO can resist the cuteness of a Basset Hound sittin' up so pwetty?  Not MY Mom, not MY Dad, not ANYBODY I know!  So ya see, us members of The SitterUppers Club are really special!
OH!  Don't forget now!  If you can sit up like us, get  your Mom or Dad to send us pictures and we'll add you to the SitterUppers Club!  The more the merrier!  We'll show whoever thinks we can't do this a thing or two!!
Hope you like our Club as much as we liked putting it together! 
Love ya all,

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